Approximately 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday. This means each year, approximately 15,700 kids have a vital part of their lives taken away: their childhood. As a two-time pediatric cancer survivor, Tay Scheibe, created WithLove to connect with and give back to children facing the same reality she once did. With each child she meets, Tay's goal is not only to brighten their day, but remove them from their current battle. WithLove is a nonprofit based in Jacksonville, FL, that has recently expanded to Nashville, TN, in hopes of reaching more children with pediatric cancer. Founded on the heart for helping others and the importance of Childhood Cancer Awareness, our cause is propelled by the personal pursuit to uplift children in the fight. We are on a mission to spread love across the country and pride ourselves on giving back to the community with toy drives and tailored programs benefiting children with cancer and their families. We focus fully on providing joy and at the very least, sparking a smile during these difficult times. WithLove is meant to inspire and give children with cancer the opportunity to be simply what they are... kids!

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Ways to Give

In just eight years we've been able to donate new toys, games, playroom furniture and related items valued at almost $291,000 to pediatric cancer patients, their families and treatment facilities. We are on a mission to give children with cancer the opportunity to be kids all year round and you can help! DONATE today!